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ProCom ITA solution for intraday electricity trading upgraded with new features and functions


ProCom at E-world energy & water, on February 5–7 2019, at the Essen Exhibition Center, Hall 3, Booth 440 Aachen (Germany), 17th December 2018 – ProCom is promoting version 3.0 of its ITA solution at the E-world energy & water 2019. ITA supports users for placing orders and registering transactions, and it provides an overview …


Review on the ProCom Energy Market Conference 2018


Berlin (Germany), 5th December 2018 – This year’s ProCom Energy Market Conference with its topic “The Future Rhythm of Energy Supply” was a big highlight in the industry Again, the nhow Music and Lifestyle Hotel has been an excellent and important choice for the conference topic. After this event, the energy experts can feel the …


Stadtwerke Lübeck optimizes heat and electricity generation with BoFiT from ProCom


Thanks to redesigned plant deployment planning based on the BoFiT solution from ProCom and two dedicated employees for the project, the municipal utility company Stadtwerke Lübeck is now able to manage their plant portfolio even more efficiently. The goal is to meet the demand of eight Lübeck district heating networks while at the same time …


ProCom at the International Ruhr Energy Conference (INREC 2018)


The “International Ruhr Energy Conference (INREC 2018)” takes place for the seventh time and offers the opportunity to investigate the various sources of uncertainty and risk in the energy field along with the latest methodological developments. Contributions from all areas of energy-related research in economics, finance, engineering, social sciences and mathematics will be presented.

Carsten Schäfer (ProCom, Manager Business Development) will give a lecture on “Intraday Price Forecast – Applied artificial intelligence algorithms to predict power prices for the German market area” on the 24th of September at 12:15 pm.


European intraday power trading: clearer and simpler with ITA


Aachen (Germany), August 20, 2018 – As the intraday activities of German trading floors often limited themselves to EPEX SPOT SE, the XBID trading system has given traders a simple option for short-term, international power trading since June 12. The standard exchange solution is sufficient, but “nothing is easier than ITA from ProCom,” says Detlev …


The Future Rhythm of Energy Supply


Event announcement: ProCom Energy Market Conference on November 13th to 15th, 2018 in Berlin Aachen (Germany), August 10th, 2018 – Who will set the pace for the energy industry in the future? And how can companies keep up with the ever-accelerating pace? Practical answers to these and other questions will be offered at the ProCom …


ProCom experts give practical insides for future engineers


Aachen (Germany), July 24, 2018 – As a member of the Aachener foundation “Energieinformatik” ProCom engages itself in two ways to improve the future: On the one hand, ProCom promotes all activities of the foundation – such as working on an information and communication technique, where ecologically energy supply in households, economy and traffic will …


Meet ProCom in Oslo during the Montel Nordic Energy Days 22-23 August 2018


ProCom GmbH is a successful family business with a clearly defined growth and internationalization strategy. In the energy sector, ProCom provides consultancy on key issues in energy production and trading. Drawing on process and IT expertise, ProCom consultants support the successful implementation of strategic projects all the way to the operational phase.


ProCom solution for power plant optimization boosts energy efficiency in vehicle construction


Aachen-based consultancy ProCom supplies deployment schedules for energy optimization in the Leipzig factory of the BMW Group…


Are our processes ready for blockchain? And vice versa? ProCom delivers answers


Is it worthwhile to start using blockchain technology now? If so, which processes can benefit from it? Are the legal and financial aspects taken care of? Municipal utility companies, grid operators and energy traders are asking these questions now. The Aachen-based consultancy ProCom helps them find the answers. With seminars, workshops and individual advice, ProCom creates the clarity needed for reliable decisions.


ProCom solution for Europe’s largest battery system ‘EnspireME’ boosts power quality and maximizes profit


Eneco optimizes battery marketing in the reserve capacity and other applications with an IT solution from the Aachen-based consultancy ProCom


BoFiT optimizes marketing of power from thermal storage facilities


Aachen, May 24, 2018 – Hamburg Energie chooses ProCom solution for FES research project. In the framework of the project Future Energy Solution (FES), Hamburg Energie wants to explore ways to efficiently market power storage facilities with high system inertia in the reserve capacity and short-term markets. In the project – a joint endeavor of …


ProCom at the Utility Week in Shanghai


Shanghai, China April 19th, 2018 – ProCom GmbH, the global optimization & trading consultancy house, has taken part in the Global Utility Week series which touched down in Shanghai for the China Utility Week.


Cooperation of MVV trading and ProCom opening up intraday-trade to smaller producers


In a joint endeavor MVV trading GmbH (Mannheim) and ProCom consulting GmbH (Aachen) created a standardized solution for marketing flexibilities in intraday-exchange trade.  As of now owners of flexibility options based in the public service- and industry segment can make us of the new ITA B2B-modul for their controllable capacities. Orders are squared through MVV …


Syneco Trading allows bilateral intraday-trade with ProCom B2B solution


The Thüga-subsidiary Syneco Trading GmbH, Munich, and ProCom GmbH, Aachen, offer a common solution for the intraday energy market. The new ProCom module ITA B2B facilitates the commercialization of market flexibilities and automated trade of posts in the intraday energy market. We offer solutions for businesses eager at optimizing their energy production and other flexibility …


Israeli company utilizes opportunities in the energy market


Industrial CHP in Israel operator markets excess energy with a ProCom IT solution Aachen, January 30th, 2018 – An industrial CHP operator in Israel soon will maximize the benefits from opportunities in the deregulated energy market with the aid of a comprehensive IT solution from the German provider ProCom. The solution will be deployed for …


Take every opportunity: ProCom at E-world energy & water, February 6 to 8 2018 in Essen, Hall 3, Stand 440


What opportunities does digitization offer participants in the energy market? This is one of the questions that will be in the spotlight at the ProCom stand at E-world. In individual discussions and at a wide range of lectures, visitors will be able to learn about topics such as how Blockchain can be used as a key technique for new business models, or the potential offered by automated energy trading.