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Self-optimizing power plant of E.ON uses ProCom solution


More profit with BoFiT: Fully automatic distribution of power plant flexibility in short-term trading. Those who want to increase the profit of their power plants and market free flexibilities in short-term trading or on the control power market around the clock will find the right solution in ProCom’s BoFiT Optimization. BoFiT maps generation or trading …


ProCom Software Trainings – Summer Sales Special


Dear ProCom customer, do you want to make optimal use of your IT solution. Or maybe you just want to gain the necessary basic knowledge from scratch or acquire expert knowledge as an experienced user? Receive a 10 % sales special rate, available only till August 15, and visit our English trainings in Aachen! 27 …


Developing new business models with ProCom software


BoFiT Forecast – Flexible in Use for Various Tasks


ProCom and Likron enter into strategic partnership – Combining excellent Know-how for optimized intraday trading


The two IT solution providers for the energy sector, ProCom GmbH headquartered in Aachen, Germany, and Munich-based Likron, which specialises in trading technology, have entered into a strategic partnership. The goal is to offer market participants optimal solutions for managing their portfolios and for short-term energy trading.


ProCom optimization solution for energy market participants adds new features


Optimize portfolios even more trenchantly with BoFiT For unit commitment planning, make-or-buy decisions or trading optimization, BoFiT from ProCom helps energy market participants maximize their asset management and increase their profit margins. The optimization solution also provides optimization recommendations for short-term and medium-term planning. BoFiT calculates these recommendations using a model that maps the asset …


ProCom software for frequency control reserve optimizes the EnspireME 50 MWh electrical storage facility

Press release on the occasion of the ProCom press conference at E-world energy & water (Feb. 6, 2019 at 4 p.m. in Hall 3 at Stand 440) With over 50 MWh capacity and a maximum output of 48 MW, the electrical storage facility of EnspireME, a joint venture of the Eneco Group and Mitsubishi Corporation, is the …


Optimization solutions with traction: ProCom puts power on the road


Artificial intelligence optimizes green electricity usage, e-mobility and grid stabilization! The shared goal of the collaboration between ProCom and XCharge is to use wind and solar power for driving at low-cost rates while supporting the power grid. Learn more about the synergies the two partners unleash by coupling the energy and transportation sectors. At E-world energy & water (Hall 3, Stand 440) the companies are presenting their innovations for tomorrow’s mobility.


ProCom as a Speaker at Trading and Finance Forum during the E-World 2019


Dipl. -Ing. Richard Plum, Productmanager Consulting at ProCom GmbH, will give two speeches about Autotrading, Algotrading and Powertrading on the Forum for Trading and Finance on the 7th of February. Presentation: ”Autotrading/Algotrading under consideration of current methods and future approaches of Smart Contracts” Speaker: Dipl. -Ing. Richard Plum, Productmanager Consulting, ProCom GmbH Location: Trading and Finance Forum, …