Lessons learned

  • Day-Ahead vs. Intraday
  • Forecasts vs. current status

Fundamental leverages on spot market prices / price formation

  • Day-ahead market
  • Intraday market

Intraday Market Fundamentals

  • View relevant data
  • Identifying and understanding the market situation
  • Evaluation of current ID prices
  • Assessment of future price developments
  • Making a commercial decision

Historical market situations

Hands-On Intraday Market

Detailed knowledge about Intraday Market Fundamentals

  • Renewable Energies
  • European markets
  • Cross-border Flows
  • aFRR calls
  • Transparency platforms
  • Strategies for revenue-enhancing positioning in order books

Bots and Auto-/Algotrading

Outlook & Discussion

  • Future development of the European intraday markets
  • Price volatility in the intraday market due to increased intensity and liquidity
  • European integration of intraday markets

Your contact person

Private: Stefanie Wendorff

Phone: +49 241 51804-117
E-Mail: akademie@procom.de Get in touch Jetzt anmelden

Further information

Dates upon request

Aachen or Inhouse-Event

Previous knowledge:

890,– € per person plus VAT

1 day (9:00am - 5:00pm)

Max. 8 persons

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