BoFiT Processes & Time Series

The training course BoFiT Processes & Time Series gives more in-depth skills, building on the course BoFiT Basics. You will receive an introduction into process modeling and will learn how to integrate the functions of the individual BoFiT objects and use them to manage complex business processes in energy management supported by different data interface options like dynamic import, Transfer Groups Import and Database Connectors. Possible applications of the variant and scenario technique will be explained comprehensively in the further course of the training. Each participant receives detailed training documents and a certificate of attendance.

Methodical Process Modeling

  • Graphical representation of activities and their sequence
  • Relationship between data flows, activities and data suppliers/receivers
  • Mapping of responsibilities, systems used and restrictions

Energy management processes

  • Example: Business process “day-ahead planning

BoFiT Interfaces Overview

  • SP/EDX (Oracle Stored Procedere) Database Connector, ODBC (Extension to SP Connector), Application specific ZR connector, Gateway (Java, .Net, VBA), DynamicImport, DynamicApplicationFlow, External service

Map and automate processes with ProcessBuilder

  • data import
  • data verification
  • Time series with special time restrictions – e.g. tariff times
  • Period calculation, sequences and loops
  • Integration of external services

Integration of the optimization model

  • Model, variant and scenario concept
  • The right time series concept for the scenario concept
  • Calculation of scenarios

Target group:

The training Processes & Time Series is intended for process analysts, planners and BoFiT users who want to make even more comprehensive use of the design options with ProcessBuilder.


Part 1 : 09:00-10:15 am and 10:30 -11:30 am

Part 2: 12:30-14:00 pm and  14:15-16:00 pm


Speaker: Mr M. Sc. Sebastian Bohn, Consultant, ProCom GmbH

The training course language will be german. Are you interested in an English-speaking implementation? Please contact us.

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Tina Fahnauer

Phone: +49-1522-2810-129
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Online training

Previous knowledge:
Data Hub BoFiT (basic knowledge)

580,– € per person plus VAT

1 day (9:00-11:30 and 12:30-16:00)

Maximum 8 persons

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