Competitive Factor Forecasts

Forecasts for prices, loads and generation are a significant competitive factor. But it is not only the quality of the forecast that determines success. An increasing amount of forecast data have to be processed promptly and securely at different places in the company. Forecasts are increasingly determining business processes and profitability in a changed energy market. The workshop gives an overview over utilization, benefits and methods of the necessary forecasts in the energy sector for consumption, generation and prices.


  • Energy and price forecasts in a liberalized energy market
  • Energy transition and forecasts – what do they have in common?

Methodological overview of various forecasting methods and energy forecasts

  • Analysis and evaluation of factors influencing energy forecasts
  • Sales forecasts for electricity, gas and heat
  • Procurement management and preparing nominated suppliers
  • Why are good forecasts essential for energy trading today to be successful?
  • Generation forecasts for regenerative energy sources
  • How up-to-date can and must forecasts be?

Price forecasts

What is a forecast? What is a PFC? – The subtle difference!

Factors influencing spot price forecasts

Evaluating forecast quality

Pricing structures in intraday trading – are forecasts already available for this?

Suggestions for practical implementation

  • How is an appropriate forecasting method specified and implemented?
  • Including forecasts in a company’s business processes
  • Creating and expanding application know-how and experience
  • Evaluating forecast quality
  • How can the benefit of a forecast be measured?

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