The Energy Sector for Water Suppliers

There are numerous interfaces between the water and energy sectors. It is at these points that you will often find innovative solutions that enable intelligent management of both resources. The workshop The Energy Sector for Water Suppliers gives specialists and managers in the water industry a systematic overview over the energy sector and highlights these interfaces. Innovative concepts and solutions are presented and discussed.


  • Interfaces between the energy and water industries
  • The electricity market
  • Electricity exchanges and OTC trading
  • The futures market
  • The spot market: day-ahead, intraday
  • The balancing energy market

Procurement strategies

  • Full supply or structured procurement
  • Opportunities and risks in procurement within the electricity market

Identifying and evaluating flexibility

  • Identifying sources of flexibility: pumps, expansion turbines, CHP plants…
  • Technical and legal restrictions
  • Methods and tools

Marketing flexibility

  • Demand Response
  • Virtual power plants
  • Direct marketing in the spot market / balancing energy market

Operational excellence

  • Managing complex combination utility systems
  • Effective processes and IT systems

Innovative concepts and solutions:

  • Practical examples

Outlook and discussion:

  • The future of the water supply industry

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