Balancing Energy Markets

With the decline in prices at the classic trading places the balancing energy markets are coming to the fore. Opportunities and risks must be carefully weighed before participating in balancing energy markets. In addition to pre-qualification, there are other numerous organizational and IT challenges to overcome.

Introduction: understanding the balancing energy market

  • Markets for power plant output and deferrable loads
  • What is balancing energy and why is it needed?
  • Market rules and market design
  • Price trends, volumes and players, influence of renewable energies
  • Balancing energy – one decision among many

Technical requirements

  • Pre-qualification for the balancing energy market
  • Challenges for large plants, virtual power plants and shared power plants

Strategic analysis of potential

  • How can you determine your own potential yield?
  • How can you make opportunities and risks transparent?

Planning, optimization and daily management

  • Requirements for planning and optimization, evaluation of marketing options
  • Business processes in the balancing energy market

Bid strategy and compilation

  • Technical and economic information for compiling a bid
  • Bid strategies in balancing energy and spot markets

Price forecasts for the balancing energy market

  • Different approaches to implementation
  • The connection between price forecast and bid strategy


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