Virtual Power Plants

Bringing virtual power plants, decentralized power generation systems, storage facilities and consumers together in an intelligent network is groundbreaking. You can generate electricity and heat at low economic and ecological cost – exactly where they are needed. At the same time they can be managed and marketed centrally, offering additional opportunities to generate revenue. The aim of the workshop is to give an overview over the structure and opportunities to implement virtual power plants and to explain the significance of virtual power plants in the energy sector.

Introduction: The Virtual Power Plant

  • One name – many business models
  • Was differentiates a virtual power plant from other power plants?
  • Operating mode of a virtual power plant
  • How are the large data volumes of a virtual power plant managed?
  • How is the optimum roadmap for a virtual power plant drawn up?

The Virtual Power Plant – a real opportunity

  • What flexibility can be developed with a virtual power plant?
  • Analysis of the potential for virtual power plants
  • Determining the optimum design of a virtual power plant

Marketing virtual power plants

  • In which markets can a virtual power plant be introduced?
  • According to which criteria should a market model be selected or changed?
  • Virtual power plants in the energy balancing market
  • Virtual power plants and direct marketing
  • Virtual power plants in the intraday market
  • How can profits be calculated fairly?

Forecasts for virtual power plants

  • Necessary forecasts and procedures
  • Including forecasts/forecasting systems in the management of virtual power plants

Implementation of virtual power plants

  • IT and process architecture for a virtual power plant


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