Storage Evaluation and Management

Management Efficient storage is a key technology to tackle the energy transition. The pressing need for flexibility, brought about by the expansion of renewable energies, has given rise to numerous possible technical solutions. But what about profitability in a real case scenario? How much will the flexibility of a storage facility be worth tomorrow? How can this flexibility be brought to market?

Introduction: The importance of energy storage facilities

  • Storage as a building block of the energy transition
  • Storage as a flexibility option

Overview over different storage systems

  • Gas storage
  • Heat Storage
  • Pump storage
  • Conventional and non-conventional electricity storage

Options for the utilization of energy storage

  • Heat storage facilities in combination utility systems
  • Storage in the balancing energy market
  • Storage in the intraday market

Evaluation of storage

  • What will flexibility be worth tomorrow?
  • Single asset evaluation methods
  • Evaluation methods at the portfolio level
  • Storage in comparison with other flexibility options

Managing storage

  • How can the full potential of a storage facility be brought to market?
  • Business processes for storage management
  • IT support for planning and optimizing decisions on utilization

Practical examples

Outlook and discussion


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