CHP in industry, commerce and real estate

Private generation was one of the major trends of recent years. In addition to private households, an increasing number of companies in industry and commerce are investing in generating their own electricity. Local generation facilities are becoming increasingly interesting for the real estate industry also. Companies with high heating, steam and cooling loads frequently choose highly efficient power-heat (cooling) cogeneration. But what does the bill look like now the renewable energy surcharge is applied to privately generated electricity? Under which conditions is private generation profitable and how can it be implemented? How can private generation facilities be managed optimally?

Introduction: Markets for power plant output and controllable loads

Political will and the current legal framework

  • Aims of the German Government
  • What does the current legal framework for CHP plants look like?
  • Possible subsidies and mechanisms

Is it worthwhile? Determining and quantifying potential

  • Advantages of private generation
  • Key factors for profitability
  • Potential in complex combination systems
  • Evaluation methods

Implementation – contracting or in-house?

  • Overview over standard contracting models
  • Which models are suitable for whom?

Managing your own generation facilities

  • Heat led v. market price oriented
  • Which markets are attractive?
  • Should power plants run by companies in industry and commerce be brought to market?
  • Processes and IT systems for optimized, market-oriented operation
  • Flexibility with storage, power-to-heat or peak load boilers
  • Flexible production
  • Outlook: Generating your own electricity with renewable energy

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