Energy markets, processes and operational business

ProCom Consultancy creates a reliable foundation for strategic decisions and operations in the energy market. What is our approach? We flesh out and evaluate business ideas, optimize business processes and support you as you implement your objectives.

But we do not offer just conventional business consultancy. As experts in energy markets,
 we focus on active knowledge transfer combined with standard approaches that we have refined in-house to ensure that your strategy stands the test of daily business.

Markets and processes

We are consultants with experience – using practical methods that are scientifically proven. As experts specializing in the energy industry, we use the findings from numerous projects we have implemented throughout our corporate history.

Based on its project experience, ProCom has developed process charts for various applications and market requirements. These charts incorporate numerous relevant factors which are presented clearly. We use these sample processes to create a common basic understanding and then together we develop a customized process landscape. An efficient start to your project!
ProCom helps you to implement lean, sophisticated processes that remain flexible even if the goalposts are moved.




We multiply market by method

Our consulting combines methodological approach and market know-how. In this way, we support holistically and consistently, take account of requirements, framework conditions and regulations.

We provide experience

We have developed our experience from numerous projects in sample processes and procedures. Building on this, energy-efficient processes can be efficiently designed, transformed and implemented.

We provide productivity

Consistent and consistent from concept, process and organization to IT, data and integration, we bring strategies to the earth and to the operative business.

Market Know-how and substance

You benefit from our market experience from numerous projects. We examine potentials and the feasibility of strategies, prepare decisions, design practical concepts, plan implementation and accompany them. Together we will find answers for your business solution.

  • Virtual power stations, distributed generation and demand side management
  • Smart grids
  • Wind, photovoltaic, hydro, bio-mass, batteries
  • Asset and reserve  energy pooling
  • Long-term marketing, day-ahead and intraday trading
  • Reserve energy and balancing markets, prequalification
  • Fundamental market analyses and scenario development
  • Price, production and load forecasts
  • Power plants, storages and CHP plants
  • Fuel logistics and emissions management
  • Transmission and distribution networks
  • Energy-only, reserve and capacity markets
  • Market mechanisms, regulation, taxes and subsidies
  • BKM, FPM, RM and Controlling

How does this technology add value to the energy industry?

Blockchain technology enables bilateral transactions without the need for third parties. This means that when money, proof of origin or measured values are transferred through blockchain technology, central instances such as banks, records registers or central energy data management become unnecessary.
Instead of executing, storing or verifying transactions via an intermediary or a central instance, Blockchain technology ensures them to be handled decentralized.
Is it already worth to get involved in blockchain technology? How can processes best benefit from this technology? Are legal and financial aspects secured? Which general conditions have to be considered? ProCom is your partner for blockchain technology projects and acts as your consultant. Through seminars, workshops or individual consultations, ProCom offers transparency when significant decisions are needed.

Main features of blockchain technology:

  • Decentralized storage of transaction data – encrypted and tamper-proof
  • Direct execution of transactions between two parties without intermediary
  • Validation of the transactions takes place via network partners
  • Automatic creation of B2B trade orders
  • Usage possibilities for energy supply transactions
  • Use as a billing tool in controlling
  • Documentation of proof of origin or CO2 and green electricity certificates
  • Blockchain-based asset management through software interfaces to SCADA systems

Get an edge in the market now with ProCom Consulting, the experts for the energy industry.

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Consulting with method

Our expert approach: Firststly, an integrated view and systematic handling of processes, IT requirements and organization; secondly, a combination of methodological expertise, market knowledge and operations know-how.

  • Business cases, business processes and concepts
  • Operational and organisational implementation
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Decision support
  • Studies (market, investment and potential analyses)
  • Requirements management and tender support
  • Integration, interfaces, data flows and safety aspects
  • Technical and functional specifications, detailed technical specifications
  • Quality management, testing, validation and verification
  • Project planning, supervision and controlling
  • Technical and business project support
  • Change and transition management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Risk management and controlling
  • Prince2 and agile methods

Market Information Services

Data Services

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