Energy market workshops

Energy market workshops from ProCom provide up-to-date knowledge on basic and specific issues around the energy industry. Our instructors are thoroughly conversant with theory and practice. Using a multiplicity of examples, we show you how to apply what you have learnt to the benefit of your company. Our workshops are suitable for beginners as well as experts and decision-makers in all fields of the energy industry.

  • Fundamentals of the energy industry
  • Intraday trading and day-ahead marketing
  • Reserve energy and balancing markets
  • Renewable energies and direct marketing
  • Virtual power plants
  • Flexibility in industry and production
  • Cogeneration
  • Competitive factor forecasts
  • Storage management and evaluation
  • Reporting obligations and transparency: REMIT & ERRP

You can find more information on our energy market workshops and registration forms here. We will be happy to organize customized workshops at a location of your choice.

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