Commercial energy studies

Customised studies – profitability evaluations, technology and feasibility, as well as markets

Our studies and analyses provide clear insights and well-founded bases for decision making.

Based on this quality standard we prepare energy efficiency studies, focusing on efficiency assessment, technology and feasibility.

At a glance, these range over the following spectrum.


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Compact level of detail

Substantiate, describe and initiate

A business idea or a business concept is reviewed and substantiated by honing in on the goal, determining the context and compiling the relevant framework conditions and the fundamentals.

Medium level of detail

Condensed analysing, standardised implementation

The potentials are presented in a condensed fashion and explained in general. To this end, we use standardized methods and sample templates, such as the potential assessment of intraday marketing or an asset valuation.

High level of detail

Individual, specific, detailed

Calculation of economic potentials or determination of feasibility with regard to a customer-specific issue. This is evaluated, documented and addressed in detail by means of individual methods and data.

Energyrelated Studies


Regardless of scope and objective, all studies are carried out according to an established standard process.

  • Business cases
  • Assets, portfolios and grids
  • Trading and marketing
  • Renewable energy
  • Operational Management and organization
  • Technology concept
  • Marketing forms
  • Expansion / remodeling / dismantling
  • System technology
  • IT Security
  • Development and scenarios
  • Market dynamics
  • Processes and business models
  • Energy policy and climate change
  • Regulation and transparency
  • Investment evaluation of battery storage device for use in various market stages
  • Investigation of market potential and integration costs of virtual power plants
  • Potential analysis Intraday market for a Cross-commodity production portfolio
  • Determination of the  market value of different flexibility options for combined cycle power plant engineering
  • Economic assessment and business model identification of decentralised energy management systems

Data services


Market Information Services

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