European intraday power trading: clearer and simpler with ITA


Aachen (Germany), August 20, 2018 – As the intraday activities of German trading floors often limited themselves to EPEX SPOT SE, the XBID trading system has given traders a simple option for short-term, international power trading since June 12. The standard exchange solution is sufficient, but “nothing is easier than ITA from ProCom,” says Detlev Hardt, Portfolio Manager at Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG.
ITA is an intraday trading solution from ProCom GmbH that includes a market monitor, a portfolio manager, and a trading assistant for direct trades on the exchange. At Stadtwerke Düsseldorf, ITA has been in use for about one and a half years. The latest version with XBID functionality was installed in mid-June. It not only shows order books and options for all exchanges, but also considers restrictions due to bottlenecks at cross-border grid coupling points.
Portfolio manager Hardt uses ITA only when he is on call. “If, like me, you rarely use the IT tools, features like ITA’s clear overview and intuitive controls make a difference,” he reports. For example, the time slices for EPEX SPOT and for XBID are shown very clearly, so he can make trading decisions quickly. His verdict: “With ITA, international intraday trading takes no additional effort. My colleagues on the trading floor say the same thing.” After a few weeks of acclimatization, the Düsseldorfers now trade 90 percent of their volume across national borders, and the option to sort out balance issues quickly and easily with ITA is popular.