BoFiT Processes & Time Series I – Basics

The training course BoFiT Processes & Time Series I gives more in-depth skills, building on the BoFiT Basics course. You will receive an introduction into process modeling and will learn how to integrate the functions of the individual BoFiT objects and use them to manage complex business processes in energy management. Possible applications of variants and scenarios are explained in detail throughout this course.

Systematic process modeling

  • Graphic representation of activities and their sequence
  • Connection between data flows, activities and data suppliers/receivers
  • Mapping responsibilities, systems used and restrictions

Processes of the energy industry

  • Example: Business process “day-ahead planning”

Mapping and automating processes with ProcessBuilder

  • Data import
  • Data check
  • Time series with special time restrictions – e.g. tariff times
  • Calculating time periods, sequences and loops
  • Including external services

Including the optimization model

  • Model, variant and scenario concept
  • The right time series concept for the scenario concept
  • Calculating scenarios

Target group:

The course Processes & Time Series I is intended for process analysts, planners and BoFiT users who wish to utilize the scope offered by ProcessBuilder to a greater extent.



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Anke Dieterich

Phone: +49 241 51804 - 0
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Further information

Previous knowledge:
Data Hub BoFiT (basic knowledge)

950,– € / Person plus VAT

1 day (9:00 - 17:00)

Maximum 8 persons

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