Competitive factor forecasts

Forecasts for prices, loads and production are a decisive competitive factor. But it is not only the quality of the forecast that determines success. More and more forecast data must be processed promptly and securely at different points in the company. Forecasts are increasingly determining the characteristics of business processes and profitability in today’s energy market.

The seminar provides an overview of the application, benefits and state-of-the-art methods of forecasting in the energy industry for consumption, generation and prices. Each participant will receive detailed training documents and a certificate of attendance of the seminar.



  • Energy and price forecasts in the liberalised energy market
  • Energy system transformation and forecasts – where is the connection?
  • How does COVID-19 influence consumption, production and prices?


Methodological overview of different forecasting procedures for energy forecasts

  • Analysis and evaluation of factors influencing energy forecasts
  • Sales forecasts for electricity, gas and heat!
  • Generation forecasts for renewable energies!
  • How up-to-date can and must forecasts be?
  • Top forecasts equal top trading performance – the correlation using the intraday market as an example


Price Forecasts

  • What is a prognosis? What is a PFC? – The subtle difference!
  • Factors influencing the spot price forecast
  • Evaluation of the forecast quality


Suggestions for practical implementation

  • How is the appropriate forecasting solution specified and implemented?
  • Integration of forecasts into business processes in the company
  • Development and expansion of application and experience knowledge
  • Evaluation of the forecast quality
  • How can the benefit of a forecast be measured?


Part 1: 09:30 am – 12:00 noon

Part 2: 13:00 pm – 15:30 pm



Mr Theodor Baumhoff, Sales Manager, ProCom GmbH

Mr Max Siegel, Consultant energy economy, ProCom GmbH


The training course language will be german. Are you interested in an English-speaking implementation? Please contact us.

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Part 1: 09:30-12:00; Part 2: 13:00-15:30
maximum 8 persons

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