Mainz and Wiesbaden Power Plants AG sells production capacity with ProCom solutions


Mainz and Wiesbaden Power Plants AG (KMW) uses ProCom IT-products to improve its marketing capability for power generation capacities in the commercial market and to offer optimized secondary regulated power or minute reserves. The solution includes BoFiT optimization for planning deployment of generating plants, and ITA to support electricity trading. The two modules are designed to increase the economic efficiency of power plants and relieve the pressure of their daily routine for the seven employees at the department of energy management at KMW. The software is currently used on a day-ahead basis for deployment planning and electricity trading and – once all the staff have become proficient in using it – will also be used for intra-day trading and long-term planning.
Enabling BoFiT to deliver customized trading recommendations requires an optimization model that simulates the delivery obligations and the technical constraints of the waste heat and power plant, CHP plants and reserve boilers in KMW’s power plant facility. Other parameters fed into the optimization are the district heating loads calculated from the BoFiT forecasting process, weather forecasts, and market data. The provision of district heating and process steam (approximately 500,000 MWh/a) takes high priority in the optimization. In the course of the optimization, BoFiT offers suggestions as to how the heat can be provided in the most economical way.
The model of the company’s plants required for the optimization was created by the employees of KMW with support from ProCom. “This means we can refine the model ourselves and easily take account of changes in the power plant facility”, says Michael Kukemuck, one of the energy managers at KMW. The first change will be necessary in the near future: “Soon we will be commissioning a CHP plant with ten engines and a total power of 100 megawatts. Thanks to its thermal storage system, it allows a high level of flexibility.” He is also convinced that “in a plant with such a high usage bandwidth and many possible usage scenarios the ProCom solution will offer us even more benefits”.