MVV Trading enables high flexibility in short-term trading

ProCom solution developed from optimization of the use of the coastal power plant of Stadtwerke Kiel for intraday trading

MVV Trading GmbH, the trading company of the Mannheim MVV Group, offers municipal utilities and industry an Intraday Trading Assistant (ITA) to flexibly market energy generation plants with a very high degree of automation. The basis for the IT solution was created in a joint project with Stadtwerke Kiel AG and ProCom GmbH in order to optimize the use of the ultra-modern coastal power plant of Kieler Stadtwerke.

“We were able to win municipal utility customers for our offer in a very short space of time. By cooperating with ProCom on behalf of Stadtwerke Kiel and its new coastal power plant, we have implemented a solution enabling us to market the flexibility of large plants efficiently and economically in intraday trading”, MVV Trading Managing Director Stefan Sewckow announced.

ITA optimally exploits the marketing potential of an existing plant park and largely automates the use of power plants. Based on heat demand, weather and price forecasts and other information, the IT solution provides appropriate proposals for resource planning. The calculations are carried out using a model that reflects, among other things, delivery obligations, marketing opportunities and technical framework conditions. The optimization is updated regularly and with short intervals, so that the plant park can be marketed efficiently in the intraday market. “The bids are traded through us so that customers do not have to maintain their own access to the stock exchange,” Sewckow continues.

Via the ITA, customers receive the intraday market prices on the one hand, on the basis of which optimization calculations can be started. On the other hand, customers use the ITA to transfer their orders to MVV Trading. There, the orders are executed on the intraday market around the clock. MVV Trading’s Intraday Trading Assistant is now available to all interested owners of energy generation plants.