Corona: Business operations at ProCom continue


Business operations at ProCom continue In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all confronted with a dynamic and difficult situation. Our families, friends, customers, employees and communities have been dramatically affected by the impact of the virus and its impact on the global economy. We would like to share with you how ProCom is …


Burkhard Steinhausen joined ProCom GmbH in Aachen


New Head of Sales Manager in the Business Unit Energy. Burkhard Steinhausen took over the function Head of Sales in the Business Unit Energy at ProCom GmbH in Aachen 1st November 2019. In the future, he will be responsible for further developing the areas of efficiency enhancement, optimization, auto trading, sustainability as well as licensing …


MVV Trading enables high flexibility in short-term trading


ProCom solution developed from optimization of the use of the coastal power plant of Stadtwerke Kiel for intraday trading MVV Trading GmbH, the trading company of the Mannheim MVV Group, offers municipal utilities and industry an Intraday Trading Assistant (ITA) to flexibly market energy generation plants with a very high degree of automation. The basis …


enviaM accelerates the intraday trading process with ProCom solution


Speed up power trading with ITA. envia Mitteldeutsche Energie AG (enviaM), headquartered in Chemnitz, markets the flexibility of its own power plants and customer plants in short-term trading on the EPEX SPOT and Nord Pool power exchanges. From now on, enviaM receives support by ITA, an intraday trading solution from ProCom. It enables the leading …


New solutions for the Mexican energy market


After the successful “Roadshow” week in Mexico, the companies Mercados Eléctricos de Centroamérica and ProCom have sealed their cooperation by signing a “Partnership Agreement”. The cooperation will enable the two partner companies to expand their service offering in Latin America with new digital solutions. With the help of local implementations and technology adaptations, both companies …


Self-optimizing power plant of E.ON uses ProCom solution


More profit with BoFiT: Fully automatic distribution of power plant flexibility in short-term trading. Those who want to increase the profit of their power plants and market free flexibilities in short-term trading or on the control power market around the clock will find the right solution in ProCom’s BoFiT Optimization. BoFiT maps generation or trading …


ProCom Software Trainings – Summer Sales Special


Dear ProCom customer, do you want to make optimal use of your IT solution. Or maybe you just want to gain the necessary basic knowledge from scratch or acquire expert knowledge as an experienced user? Receive a 10 % sales special rate, available only till August 15, and visit our English trainings in Aachen! 27 …


Developing new business models with ProCom software


BoFiT Forecast – Flexible in Use for Various Tasks


ProCom and Likron enter into strategic partnership – Combining excellent Know-how for optimized intraday trading


The two IT solution providers for the energy sector, ProCom GmbH headquartered in Aachen, Germany, and Munich-based Likron, which specialises in trading technology, have entered into a strategic partnership. The goal is to offer market participants optimal solutions for managing their portfolios and for short-term energy trading.


ProCom optimization solution for energy market participants adds new features


Optimize portfolios even more trenchantly with BoFiT For unit commitment planning, make-or-buy decisions or trading optimization, BoFiT from ProCom helps energy market participants maximize their asset management and increase their profit margins. The optimization solution also provides optimization recommendations for short-term and medium-term planning. BoFiT calculates these recommendations using a model that maps the asset …


ProCom software for frequency control reserve optimizes the EnspireME 50 MWh electrical storage facility

Press release on the occasion of the ProCom press conference at E-world energy & water (Feb. 6, 2019 at 4 p.m. in Hall 3 at Stand 440) With over 50 MWh capacity and a maximum output of 48 MW, the electrical storage facility of EnspireME, a joint venture of the Eneco Group and Mitsubishi Corporation, is the …


Optimization solutions with traction: ProCom puts power on the road


Artificial intelligence optimizes green electricity usage, e-mobility and grid stabilization! The shared goal of the collaboration between ProCom and XCharge is to use wind and solar power for driving at low-cost rates while supporting the power grid. Learn more about the synergies the two partners unleash by coupling the energy and transportation sectors. At E-world energy & water (Hall 3, Stand 440) the companies are presenting their innovations for tomorrow’s mobility.


ProCom as a Speaker at Trading and Finance Forum during the E-World 2019


Dipl. -Ing. Richard Plum, Productmanager Consulting at ProCom GmbH, will give two speeches about Autotrading, Algotrading and Powertrading on the Forum for Trading and Finance on the 7th of February. Presentation: ”Autotrading/Algotrading under consideration of current methods and future approaches of Smart Contracts” Speaker: Dipl. -Ing. Richard Plum, Productmanager Consulting, ProCom GmbH Location: Trading and Finance Forum, …


ProCom ITA solution for intraday electricity trading upgraded with new features and functions


ProCom at E-world energy & water, on February 5–7 2019, at the Essen Exhibition Center, Hall 3, Booth 440 Aachen (Germany), 17th December 2018 – ProCom is promoting version 3.0 of its ITA solution at the E-world energy & water 2019. ITA supports users for placing orders and registering transactions, and it provides an overview …


Review on the ProCom Energy Market Conference 2018


Berlin (Germany), 5th December 2018 – This year’s ProCom Energy Market Conference with its topic “The Future Rhythm of Energy Supply” was a big highlight in the industry Again, the nhow Music and Lifestyle Hotel has been an excellent and important choice for the conference topic. After this event, the energy experts can feel the …


Stadtwerke Lübeck optimizes heat and electricity generation with BoFiT from ProCom


Thanks to redesigned plant deployment planning based on the BoFiT solution from ProCom and two dedicated employees for the project, the municipal utility company Stadtwerke Lübeck is now able to manage their plant portfolio even more efficiently. The goal is to meet the demand of eight Lübeck district heating networks while at the same time …


ProCom at the International Ruhr Energy Conference (INREC 2018)


The “International Ruhr Energy Conference (INREC 2018)” takes place for the seventh time and offers the opportunity to investigate the various sources of uncertainty and risk in the energy field along with the latest methodological developments. Contributions from all areas of energy-related research in economics, finance, engineering, social sciences and mathematics will be presented.

Carsten Schäfer (ProCom, Manager Business Development) will give a lecture on “Intraday Price Forecast – Applied artificial intelligence algorithms to predict power prices for the German market area” on the 24th of September at 12:15 pm.


European intraday power trading: clearer and simpler with ITA


Aachen (Germany), August 20, 2018 – As the intraday activities of German trading floors often limited themselves to EPEX SPOT SE, the XBID trading system has given traders a simple option for short-term, international power trading since June 12. The standard exchange solution is sufficient, but “nothing is easier than ITA from ProCom,” says Detlev …


The Future Rhythm of Energy Supply


Event announcement: ProCom Energy Market Conference on November 13th to 15th, 2018 in Berlin Aachen (Germany), August 10th, 2018 – Who will set the pace for the energy industry in the future? And how can companies keep up with the ever-accelerating pace? Practical answers to these and other questions will be offered at the ProCom …


ProCom experts give practical insides for future engineers


Aachen (Germany), July 24, 2018 – As a member of the Aachener foundation “Energieinformatik” ProCom engages itself in two ways to improve the future: On the one hand, ProCom promotes all activities of the foundation – such as working on an information and communication technique, where ecologically energy supply in households, economy and traffic will …


Meet ProCom in Oslo during the Montel Nordic Energy Days 22-23 August 2018


ProCom GmbH is a successful family business with a clearly defined growth and internationalization strategy. In the energy sector, ProCom provides consultancy on key issues in energy production and trading. Drawing on process and IT expertise, ProCom consultants support the successful implementation of strategic projects all the way to the operational phase.


ProCom solution for power plant optimization boosts energy efficiency in vehicle construction


Aachen-based consultancy ProCom supplies deployment schedules for energy optimization in the Leipzig factory of the BMW Group…


Are our processes ready for blockchain? And vice versa? ProCom delivers answers


Is it worthwhile to start using blockchain technology now? If so, which processes can benefit from it? Are the legal and financial aspects taken care of? Municipal utility companies, grid operators and energy traders are asking these questions now. The Aachen-based consultancy ProCom helps them find the answers. With seminars, workshops and individual advice, ProCom creates the clarity needed for reliable decisions.


ProCom solution for Europe’s largest battery system ‘EnspireME’ boosts power quality and maximizes profit


Eneco optimizes battery marketing in the reserve capacity and other applications with an IT solution from the Aachen-based consultancy ProCom


BoFiT optimizes marketing of power from thermal storage facilities


Aachen, May 24, 2018 – Hamburg Energie chooses ProCom solution for FES research project. In the framework of the project Future Energy Solution (FES), Hamburg Energie wants to explore ways to efficiently market power storage facilities with high system inertia in the reserve capacity and short-term markets. In the project – a joint endeavor of …


ProCom at the Utility Week in Shanghai


Shanghai, China April 19th, 2018 – ProCom GmbH, the global optimization & trading consultancy house, has taken part in the Global Utility Week series which touched down in Shanghai for the China Utility Week.


Cooperation of MVV trading and ProCom opening up intraday-trade to smaller producers


In a joint endeavor MVV trading GmbH (Mannheim) and ProCom consulting GmbH (Aachen) created a standardized solution for marketing flexibilities in intraday-exchange trade.  As of now owners of flexibility options based in the public service- and industry segment can make us of the new ITA B2B-modul for their controllable capacities. Orders are squared through MVV …


Syneco Trading allows bilateral intraday-trade with ProCom B2B solution


The Thüga-subsidiary Syneco Trading GmbH, Munich, and ProCom GmbH, Aachen, offer a common solution for the intraday energy market. The new ProCom module ITA B2B facilitates the commercialization of market flexibilities and automated trade of posts in the intraday energy market. We offer solutions for businesses eager at optimizing their energy production and other flexibility …


Israeli company utilizes opportunities in the energy market


Industrial CHP in Israel operator markets excess energy with a ProCom IT solution Aachen, January 30th, 2018 – An industrial CHP operator in Israel soon will maximize the benefits from opportunities in the deregulated energy market with the aid of a comprehensive IT solution from the German provider ProCom. The solution will be deployed for …


Take every opportunity: ProCom at E-world energy & water, February 6 to 8 2018 in Essen, Hall 3, Stand 440


What opportunities does digitization offer participants in the energy market? This is one of the questions that will be in the spotlight at the ProCom stand at E-world. In individual discussions and at a wide range of lectures, visitors will be able to learn about topics such as how Blockchain can be used as a key technique for new business models, or the potential offered by automated energy trading.


Installation of the Kiel co-generation plant optimized with ProCom solution


BoFiT optimization supports the commercialization of the new Kiel gas engine power plant in long-term and intraday power trading. The co-generation plant of Stadtwerke Kiel is under construction and will secure the district heating supply in Kiel after commissioning and make an important contribution to the energy transition and environmental protection. BoFiT, an IT solution …


Digitization: essential for a successful energy transition and the basis for new business models


Spirit of optimism in the ProCom Energy Market Days 2017.  At the “Energy Market Days” organized by the Aachen-based company ProCom GmbH on 29 and 30 November in Berlin, organizers and participants had one thing in common: Both want to actively shape the future of energy supply. The annual ProCom congress not only provided the …


Keynote from e.GO at the ProCom Energy Market Days 2017


e.GO Project Manager for Vehicle Development Keynote at the ProCom Energy Market Days 2017. Matthias Kreimeier from e.GO: “Use digitization to the advantage!” Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things are still visionary – but they have become reality. For e.GO Mobile AG (Aachen), for example, consistent digitization of processes is a key factor for the …


New Functions BoFiT 7.1 Optimization and ProCom Data Hub


The new version BoFiT 7.1 offers more flexible and diverse optimization options. BoFiT 7.1 with the new optimization component for intraday trading is the perfect complement to the simultaneously provided ITA 2.7 and the new module for automated intraday trading. The ID trading component uses the detailed order books from the market connection to determine …


40 Years ProCom – Generational change at the Aachen family business


Family Scheidt transfers all Shares to Dr. Max Scheidt.  Dr. Max Scheidt, Managing Partner, now holds all shares in ProCom GmbH. Franz Scheidt founded the company 40 years ago; he handed over the management to his son in 2010 and then moved to the corporate advisory board. Since then Dr. Max Scheidt and Dr. Andreas …


Only a few places are available at our upcoming free webinar!


Title: „Will automated trading and blockchain replace the trader in the future?” December 12th 2017, 12:00 h – 12:45 h Register now: Looking at power spot trading o   Talking about liquidity – comparison of the EU markets o   Influence of different trading intentions Automated intraday trading o   Factors affecting trading/market behaviour o   Auto-trading vs. …


Visit ProCom at FLEXCON November 20-21, 2017 in Amsterdam


ProCom will be partner of FLEXCON 2017 which is a new international conference that brings together parties who share the common goal to engage consumers in the flexible energy revolution. In the Flexible Energy Lab a wide range of Smart Energy technologies and services will be hostet. Learn more through the 40 workshops and inclusive …


ITA mobile now also available for Android!


Since this month ITA mobile is also available for Android and comes in a free basic version with advertising updated every 30 minutes. Live data subscription and advertising shutdown will soon be available as in-app purchases.


New intraday trading modules from ProCom


Optimise your intraday trading with the ITA AutoTrading module. Automated preparation of bids according to predefined strategies guarantees less work for traders and provides a high level of responsiveness in the short-term electricity business. The AutoTrading module lets you combine various pricing strategies and execution conditions chronologically. In doing so, quantities and items can be divided …


Elering AS relies on ProCom’s forecast solution


Forecast of gas load and electric network losses for Estonian’s transmission system operator. The Estonian transmission network operator Elering has been using ProCom BoFiT for the past five years to forecast the electrical network load across Estonia and its regions. End of 2016, ProCom got the order to extend the BoFiT system to predict gas …


ProCom Energy Market Conference on 29 and 30 November 2017 in Berlin


Making the most of digitalisation. Data and information make business life dynamic and more fast-paced – and also offer opportunities. Many questions need to be answered to make the most of these. What does digitalisation bring to the energy sector? What are the possibilities in an increasingly fragmented market with its many options? What are …


Mainz and Wiesbaden Power Plants AG sells production capacity with ProCom solutions


Mainz and Wiesbaden Power Plants AG (KMW) uses ProCom IT-products to improve its marketing capability for power generation capacities in the commercial market and to offer optimized secondary regulated power or minute reserves. The solution includes BoFiT optimization for planning deployment of generating plants, and ITA to support electricity trading. The two modules are designed …


50Hertz optimizes forecasting processes for system management and marketing with ProCom solution


As a complement to its proven network control technology, in Neuenhagen (Germany) transmission network operator 50Hertz is relying on “BoFiT Forecast” from ProCom. Since April of this year, this forecasting solution from the Aachen based software consultancy house has been delivering more reliable marketing of electricity from renewable sources and a more accurate basis for calculating the network loading.


ProCom and Deloitte cooperate to provide services for power plant optimization


From now on the global consulting company Deloitte and its offices in the Czech Republic and the Aachen-based company ProCom will be offering joint services for power plant optimization in the European Market. For operators of power plants, optimization means that their facilities can be used more economically and they as operators benefit from greater transparency over the operating status and financial success of their assets. The aim of optimization is to provide improved marketing of their flexibility in the long and medium-term electricity trading market or in the day-ahead and intra-day sector.


Trading department of EnBW AG to use electricity price forecasting from ProCom


The electricity price forecast service from consulting house ProCom GmbH supports the trading division of Energie Baden-Württemberg (EnBW) to provide reliable planning and marketing in day-ahead auctions on the EPEX SPOT. The electricity price forecast is based on a multistage algorithm, which uses artificial neural networks. Input variables used include electricity loading, wind and solar forecasts, plus daily schedules, power plant availability and fuel prices. The price forecasting performs to a high accuracy even in uncertain market situations. The EnBW uses a forecasting solution with a range of four days, which is updated three times per day. Alternatively, ProCom offers a six-day forecast as part of its market information services.


ProCom at ETCSEE in Prague, 14-15 June 2017


An inspiring ETCSEE event in Prague! The successful ETCSEE event covered the two hyped topics Blockchain and Auto/Algotrading. Besides this, the presentations offered important information about power spot exchanges and their future developments. The ETCSEE visitors showed interest in ProCom’s services and solutions regarding trading processes. We would like to thank all participants for lively and interesting discussions and conversations. The panel discussion about auto trading was very well attended and gave a profound insight into Auto/Algotrading today and in the future.


ProCom with an expert lecture ”Power Spot Trading” in Dublin, Irland


We would like to invite you to join us at the Brady I-SEM one-day workshop in Dublin, Ireland 6th April 2017 at the Ashling Hotel. ProCom CEEO expert Richard Plum will present insight knowledge focused on Intraday Trading Strategies, Fundamentals, Algo-Trading and Power Spot Trading. The seminar will give an opportunity for participants in the …


enercity relies on power plant optimization from ProCom


BoFiT Optimization shall increase flexibility and reduce production costs Aachen, February 6, 2017 – For the power plant deployment planning, enercity – Stadtwerke Hannover AG – is now working with a ProCom solution based on „BoFiT Optimization“. The standardized BoFiT software tool will replace individual software in order to achieve savings in IT maintenance. “BoFiT …


ProCom extends their product range by taking over the Aachen-based IT company WP Consulting


Company acquisition combines expert knowledge and IT-expertise related to energy trading and sales Aachen (Germany), February 4, 2017 – Effective February 15, 2017, the consulting company ProCom GmbH takes over the business of WP Consulting GmbH, which is specialized in B2B sales for the German energy market. The portfolio of the two companies in Aachen …


Auto Trading Tool provides energy brokers with more leeway for strategic tasks


Aachen (Germany), January 11, 2017 – Consulting firm ProCom GmbH has expanded its IT solution “ITA” with a module – the “Auto Trading” tool – that relieves energy brokers of routine work and gives them a greater capacity for strategic and conceptual tasks. ITA supports portfolio management and monitoring, provides an overview of current exchange …


BASF optimizes power plant utilization with ProCom solutions ITA and BoFiT


IT solutions from Aachen-based consultancy cut energy costs Aachen (Germany), 19th December 2016 The rollout of ProCom’s ITA and BoFiT IT solutions at BASF’s site in Ludwigshafen (Germany) creates the basis for more effective power plant management. The ITA tool helps companies in the energy and industrial sectors to monitor and manage their asset portfolios, …


Neue Meldepflichten ab Oktober 2014


Laut Beschluss der Bundesnetzagentur müssen ab dem 1. Oktober 2014 Betreiber von Kraftwerken und Speichern mit einer installierten Leistung ab 10 MW ihre Planungsdaten regelmäßig an die Übertragungsnetzbetreiber melden. Neben der geplanten Produktion sind die Primär-, Sekundär-, und Tertiärvorhaltung, sowie das freie Redispatchvermögen und die Besicherungsleistung zu senden. Bei jeder erheblichen Planänderung (≥ 10 MW …