Optimization solutions with traction: ProCom puts power on the road


Artificial intelligence optimizes green electricity usage, e-mobility and grid stabilization!

Aachen (Germany), January 22, 2019 – The shared goal of the collaboration between ProCom and XCharge is to use wind and solar power for driving at low-cost rates while supporting the power grid. Learn more about the synergies the two partners unleash by coupling the energy and transportation sectors. At E-world energy & water (Hall 3, Stand 440) the companies are presenting their innovations for tomorrow’s mobility.

The artificial intelligence of ProCom’s BoFiT optimization and forecasting solution combined with the XCharge charging stations enables resource-conserving charging of electric vehicles, reducing the share of fossil energy in the electricity mix, and stabilizing the power grid.
To make the best possible use of wind or PV power, for example, the BoFiT software uses historical data from the XCharge charging stations to forecast loads. These forecasts facilitate short-cycle optimization, which in turn determines operating schedules for electricity generation. That helps green power reach the road ahead of its rivals.

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