BoFit Optimization

Generation: Medium term

A large European power company wanted to optimize its planning processes for power generation. The group’s portfolio comprised both conventional power plants as well as hydroelectric plants. It was important to view capacity utilization of all plants as a whole instead of singly, to evaluate them and plan correspondingly. In order to take the right decisions in the medium term, the task was to make uncertainty factors such as electricity price trends better calculable for the group. In addition, supply agreements for district heating, emission limits and the supply of balancing energy had to be considered. Since the information had to painstakingly collated from various sources and data, the group asked ProCom to create a secure software-based platform. 

Over a period of three months all relevant technical and financial data were collated within the group and implemented in BoFiT with the cooperation of the experts from ProCom. Based on input data such as price forecasts, load forecasts, availability, etc., BoFiT can now calculate every planning stage automatically for all plants down to the last detail.

BoFiT improves the comparability of key factors for decision-makers. All power plants in the group portfolio and their technical, financial and contractual restrictions are now clearly mapped via the model-based graphical interface and all processes are displayed transparently. The group now carries out all operating and decision-making processes on this basis.

BoFiT is the IT solution from ProCom based on forecasts and market information for optimum management of energy portfolios for all planning intervals and markets.

Generatinon: Short term

Generation: Review

Generation: Financial planning


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