BoFit Optimization

Generation: Review

A large German power company is faced with the challenge of evaluating and planning its thermal power stations. It needed an accurate basis for evaluation and planning which takes account of current and future market trends. ProCom GmbH was tasked with developing an optimization model that not only facilitates long-term strategic planning but also supports a review of plants from the aspect of contribution margin accounting. Controlling personnel were hoping for an automated process sequence.

As the first step the whole portfolio was modeled in BoFiT. The calculation determines earnings and costs within the group or per plant from actual data provided by the divisions Trading and Generation. Importing preprocessed actual data from the previous year is done automatically by BoFiT. Finally the data are optimized on an hourly basis and then exported to BoFiT reports. The condensed and edited reports are then transmitted automatically to the relevant department. The workflow engine integrated in BoFiT is the cornerstone of process automation.
Following training and familiarization for personnel, these options for model and process modification can now be maintained independently. Modifications are incorporated immediately when evaluating contribution margins.
In addition to implementing the system, ProCom offered professional, flexible and effective project management according to the Prince2 methodology.

Following process optimization, the calculation window is shortened and can also be repeated.
The automated processes reduce the error rate. More detailed calculations can be generated.

BoFiT – the optimization software supports fully automated reviews of the power plants from the aspect of contribution margin accounting.

Generation: Financial planning

Generation: Medium term

Generation: Short term


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