BoFit Optimization

Generation: Short Term

The acquisition of a large power plant comprising two gas turbines and two steam turbines fundamentally changed and broadened the business area of this ProCom customer in the markets. Having previously specialized on crude oil and natural gas, the new business area had to be first structured and then expanded on several levels. The customer needed an intelligent tool as an interface to link the new and existing business areas. Furthermore economic operations planning for the large combined cycle plant had to be prepared and incorporated in an automated process.

Since power plant technology is very complex, the challenge was to process data that had been collected previously so that the economic operations planning for the power plant could be represented and automated. External parameters such as air pressure, ambient humidity, ambient temperature and plant wear, which significantly influence technical conditions at each timestep, had to be considered. The complex maintenance agreements also had to be incorporated in the models.
The solution: In order to be able to take all external parameters into consideration during optimization, individual characteristic curves were calculated in the time series management system; this enabled variable characteristic curves to be included in a realistic way for each timestep. Short-term model optimization was carried out with reference to balancing power provisions, fluctuations in the price of electricity, shadow price provisions (gas, starting sequences and duration). In addition, twelve different starting sequences – divided into “hot”, “warm” and “cold” – were modeled in accordance with the plant maintenance agreements. Four further starting sequences were differentiated for each start and characterized by different plant configurations.

The company has successfully integrated its new business area into its portfolio with the help of ProCom experts. The whole process of data acquisition, transfer and automation is completed. In the future, company’s planning team can save enormous amounts of time. The result is an optimal operating mode for the plants with all above restrictions duly incorporated.
The business process can be organized efficiently.

BoFiT is the IT solution from ProCom based on forecasts and market information for optimum management of energy portfolios for all planning intervals and markets.

Generation: Financial Planning

Generation: Medium Term

Generation: Review


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