BoFit Optimization

Industry: Financial Planning

Since general conditions surrounding the energy industry and technology are changing constantly, it is becoming ever more important to carry out an immediate evaluation of complex alternative investment strategies in an industrial environment. This was the case for a German industrial park that wanted to re-evaluate its business strategy for the year 2020. The industrial park instructed ProCom GmbH to work with its specialist departments and develop a flexible, model-based concept that places future decision-making processes on a transparent and verifiable basis.

The experts at ProCom worked with the client to develop a detailed technological and financial model for the industrial park that takes account of all relevant financial, technical and regulatory constraints. The necessary data such as market information, load forecasts and weather data were collected at a central location and the relevant interfaces synchronized and existing power generating systems, steam networks and energy users as well as the power purchase agreements modeled and validated. The implemented BoFiT model provided a standardized basis for comparing courses of action and their effects on the whole portfolio.
The graphical modeling language renders the optimization model self-documenting, thus facilitating a transparent selection process for investment decisions.

After integrating the solution in different variations for expansion and different scenarios can be evaluated quickly using the new optimization models and with a high level of automation. The microeconomic value of new acquisitions of various power generating systems, storage units, retrofitting measures to existing facilities as well as questions of operational safety can be more easily forecast by the company.


Industry: Short Term

Industry: Medium Term

Industry: Trading & Decision Making


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