BoFit Optimization

Industry: Trading & Decision Making

ProCom GmbH was instructed by an industrial park to standardize and automate the intraday process, a company operation that until then was characterized by a high level of uncertainty. Shift workers in the power station control room carry out trading by telephone and using the services of a broker. During unscheduled outages the volume of electricity to be purchased had to be estimated, with trading then taking place by telephone. The prices currently available were only known at the final moment.

ProCom experts analyzed the whole process on site and identified the relevant interfaces to be included in the solution, including the control system, the energy data management system and the read / write connection to EPEX.
All these interfaces were already provided as a standard feature by ITA – the intraday market monitor. The new optimization program runs automatically every quarter hour, showing the prices currently available in the Trading Assistant. The new assistant means that shift workers can always track the current price trend. A further module, the Portfolio Manager, gives a transparent overview of the status of plants and the power extractions carried out; this information is transmitted via a direct connection to the control system.
Should the demand for electricity change due to an outage in a production plant, for example, possible adjustments can be made at any time. The updated demand is included in the next optimization calculation and can be smoothed out using the proposed bids or an adjusted schedule.

The intraday trading process is standardized and automated. Staff always see the latest EPEX price data. Trading proposals are adjusted automatically to modifications to the generation portfolio or to demand. Network charges are also taken into account.

BoFiT and ITA – two optimization products which make intraday trading simple and transparent.

Industry: Financial Planning

Industry: Medium Term


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