BoFit Optimization

Transmission System Operator

The client for the following project is a Transmission System Operator. The company wanted to update its control station system. The aim was to supply the customer with information that was as accurate as possible on load curves, feeding in renewable energy and network losses in order to ensure network stability at all times.
The customer requires to create the software-based functions as a separate system for forecasting when to feed in wind power, photovoltaic power, network loads and network losses and to integrate this in the control station systems.

The BoFiT forecasting system functions as the cornerstone of the solution. Every 15 minutes this intelligent system automatically imports forecasts from external providers of electricity volumes produced from photovoltaics and wind turbines. It takes account of the volume forecasts from balancing areas, the distribution networks in the balancing area of the operator and the networks of up to 70 transformer substations. The system combines these individual forecasts into combined forecasts.
Weather forecasts, current weather data, and the relevant measured or extrapolated PV and wind data are also transmitted and imported on a regular basis. BoFiT checks the validity of the forecast values to reveal possible errors and reports them.
The ProCom forecasting system also calculates network loads in regions and areas based on load history, weather data, plant and EEC feed-in volumes. Various forecasting methods are used to compile forecasts (artificial, neural networks, regression, load profile projection). A total of c. 35,000 time series had to be processed, requiring a high level of performance and throughput.
BoFiT exchanges certain forecasts via ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators) and standardized records and reports with interested network operators. All functions run automatically and are controlled by BoFiT. User intervention is only required in the case of malfunction

Today the forecast system supplies the users with forecasts that are as accurate as possible on load curves, feeding in renewable energy and network losses. Hence network stability is guaranteed at all times.

BoFiT forecast system, time series management