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A public utility company in Germany wanted to expand its market activities to include intraday trading. Because this requires a great deal of organization and is very expensive, the company does not have its own market access. Until then, it had carried out its day-ahead trading via a service provider; the agreement with the service provider was to be expanded.
The utility company tasked ProCom GmbH with optimizing the business process with the service provider. Those responsible for the portfolio should not be burdened with extra bureaucratic duties. The traders in the utility company shall be able to concentrate on profitable marketing of its flexibilities in the intraday market.

In order to offer the utility company a future-proof intraday trading solution, the experts at ProCom implemented the ITA solution. This trading tool offers ProCom’s customer more than an overview of the current market situation in real time. In addition to automatic generation of trading proposals, ITA is capable of sending bids to exchange as well as to service providers.
ITA B2B has an automatic interface which allows ProCom’s customers to transfer orders and trades B2B – between the customer and the service provider. Automatic status updates allow both parties to follow trading in a transparent manner at all times. ITA not only supports the customer, but also the service provider who can manage customer orders and deals within ITA while marketing his own and others’ positions on the exchange.
The utility company can use ITA to send orders and manage its deals. Market standards are used for communication with the service provider.

ITA is an automated all-in-one solution which optimizes intraday trading. The customer gets trading proposals on a recurring basis for marketing his own flexibilities. ITA provides the latest exchange price in real time – also for customers without direct access to the exchange. Bi-directional communication with the exchange operates automatically. ITA B2B also offers this for sending orders to service providers.
ITA can be easily connected to other systems. A lot of BoFiT customers are already benefiting from it.

The ITA software is an online trading platform which provides access to most relevant electricity exchanges within Europe, including EPEX, APX, BELPEX and Nord Pool. When combined with the BoFiT planning software, this offers comprehensive functions for portfolio optimization and planning as well as various interfaces to external systems which are bundled in ITA. This means that ITA offers support for the relevant tasks of continuous intraday trading.

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