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The customer in this case is the largest producer of electricity in Denmark who manages assets in Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Scandinavia. The portfolio comprises thermal power stations and wind parks and is marketed on the energy exchanges APX, EPEX and Nord Pool. Cross-border deals play an important role for this customer.
In order to trade free capacities until shortly before physically closing a deal, continuous intraday markets at the European energy exchanges are growing in importance. The greatest challenge for the trader lies in staying on top of the wealth of information in time, while having access to the different markets.
The task of the experts at ProCom was to develop a shared trading platform for continuous intraday markets at the European energy exchanges APX, EPEX and Nord Pool that conveys the necessary information in a readily understandable way an enables trading across these markets.

The main challenge facing the experts from ProCom was to collect in a central location all data on the current market situation, the current status of plants, open positions and completed trading deals. All these data were collected on the ITA platform and processed to make them transparent.
The result was a graphical “synopsis” which displayed trading recommendations in real time and hence accelerated decision-making processes. The new interface also allowed the company to create and manage bids and send them to the corresponding energy exchange (EPEX, APX and Nord Pool). At the same time free transmission capacities at borders can be monitored and reserved without having to switch tools.

Intraday traders can benefit from fast and comprehensible provision of data. Since all information is displayed and managed centrally by one tool, traders no longer have to switch between several independent applications. Traders are now able to identify potential deals at an early stage on the various exchanges, enabling them to respond swiftly.  Free capacities at borders can be identified early and reserved in just a few clicks. This means the company can carry out trading deals before other market participants have even detected these options.

The ITA software is an online trading platform which provides access to most relevant electricity exchanges within Europe, including EPEX, APX, BELPEX and Nord Pool. When combined with the planning software BoFiT, this offers comprehensive functions for portfolio optimization and planning as well as various interfaces to external systems which are bundled in ITA. This means that ITA can offer support for all relevant tasks of continuous intraday trading.

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