ProCom and Likron enter into strategic partnership – Combining excellent Know-how for optimized intraday trading


Likron User Days from 17-18 June 2019, in Munich, Germany

Aachen, 31 May, 2019 – The two IT solution providers for the energy sector, ProCom GmbH headquartered in Aachen, Germany, and Munich-based Likron, which specialises in trading technology, have entered into a strategic partnership. The goal is to offer market participants optimal solutions for managing their portfolios and for short-term energy trading. The customers of both companies will benefit from the collaboration: ProCom’s optimization and forecasting solution BoFiT with the ITA trading solution will be coordinated with the Likron Automatic Execution Service (LES), an algorithmic trading engine, to generate the best potential yield on flexible assets. The systems can interface via ITA. There are no changes for ITA customers, but the software package can be expanded with the LES.

The interaction of the products and services offers a perfect basis for automated intraday management of flexible assets and positions, even outside of working hours. What is new here is the tight integration of mathematical methods of asset optimization with the financial mathematical principles of option trading. This generates the best possible yield of flexibility while at the same time ensuring the trade of “navigable” schedules.

As part of the Likron User Days on 17 and 18 June, the partners will present what customers in the energy sector and energy-intensive industries can expect from the combined expertise of both companies. The event at the Holiday Inn in Munich – City Centre will offer specialised presentations about current developments and highlight trends and prospects for the future. A half-day workshop will present the possibilities of automated trading, with proprietary strategies provided.

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About ProCom GmbH

ProCom GmbH has been providing innovative solutions for energy management and automation technology for more than 40 years.

The energy business unit offers consulting on all matters relating to the core value creation chains of energy companies, thus covering the entire spectrum from generation and storage through trading to distribution. With their knowledge of processes and IT as well as individual consulting, ProCom experts provide support for the implementation of strategic objectives through to operations.

With ProCom’s IT solutions, forecasts and market information services, energy portfolios in all time horizons and markets are optimally managed. ProCom software can be flexibly integrated into virtually any IT structure. More than 150 customers throughout the energy industry’s value creation chain benefit from ProCom solutions, which make energy portfolios and processes more efficient and transparent. ProCom offers innovative solutions for the processing of data flows and turns them into understandable information. This identifies and reveals potentials. Our solutions can be your means to leveraging value. Even in extremely complex situations, you keep an overview, remain flexible and have the capacity to act. At its locations in Aachen, Cologne, Berlin, as well as Ningbo, China, the family business has more than 120 employees from twelve countries and pursues a clear strategy of growth and internationalization.

About Likron GmbH

Likron specializes in trading technology in the area of automated electricity and gas trading and is the first Independent Software Vendor (ISV) listed on the EPEX Spot to implement ComXerv/M7, the program interface to EPEX’s intraday trading. With about 30 EPEX and Nord Pool exchange production accounts and more than 40 GWh in daily volume through Likron Execution Service algorithms on the continuous short-term markets, Likron is a leading provider of algorithmic trading solutions in short-term energy trading. Since 2018, Likron has been the first ISV to operate its algorithm services on the PEGAS Spot exchange.

Likron algorithms have been market-tested over many years and are distinguished by their high stability, performance and flexibility. Likron gets measured by the performance of its algorithms.

The Likron team consists of experienced experts from the energy trading and capital markets businesses. The company’s Know-how covers the full spectrum of quantitative analysis of the markets and trading ideas through to IT implementation.

Through the integration of market and IT expertise, trading ideas can be developed quickly and flexibly (fast time-to-market) and integrated into customers’ trading processes. With this profile of Know-how, Likron is uniquely positioned in the energy trading industry.