ProCom optimization solution for energy market participants adds new features


Optimize portfolios even more trenchantly with BoFiT

For unit commitment planning, make-or-buy decisions or trading optimization, BoFiT from ProCom helps energy market participants maximize their asset management and increase their profit margins. The optimization solution also provides optimization recommendations for short-term and medium-term planning. BoFiT calculates these recommendations using a model that maps the asset pool with its restrictions, as well as all purchasing and sales channels and contract relationships, and it draws on current price and load forecasts for optimization.

Among other things, the latest software release enables so-called start solutions, which means that different optimization approaches can be predefined and then run in parallel at high speed. In this way, individual segments of the portfolio can be pre-optimized in order to apply an accelerated, multi-stage process to the entire portfolio. In addition, BoFiT now offers an effective date function for repeating optimization calculations on scheduled dates. Comparison of the time-shifted calculation results helps to refine the optimization and evaluate risks.

With the upcoming version 7.4 of BoFiT, ProCom is setting up a new folder structure in the underlying data hub to make it easier for users to administer their models and data. The data hub will also offer new interfaces, including a new web interface for easy data exchange with third-party systems. Version 7.4 will be available starting March 2019.