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Warum Prognosen? Prognosen gewinnen immer mehr an Bedeutung für den Erfolg in Energieerzeugung und Energiehandel. Der anhaltende Ausbau erneuerbarer Energien wird diesen Trend weiter verstärken. Prognosen für Preise, Lasten und Erzeugung werden damit zu einem maßgeblichen Wettbewerbsfaktor. Gleichzeitig steigen Anzahl, Frequenz und Komplexität der Prognoseaufgaben. Immer mehr Eingangsdaten und Ergebnisse müssen zeitnah und sicher an unterschiedlichen Stellen im Unternehmen verarbeitet werden.


BoFiT Optimization

BoFiT Optimization maps your generation or trading portfolio in a mathematical model so you can monitor all kinds of optimization tasks for your business processes. Its field of application ranges from calculating schedules to market channel optimization.

BoFiT Forecast

BoFiT Forecast allows you to create forecast models for you data with the greatest of ease. You choose the method and time series for training or calibration and the forecast model is created automatically. The methods available are: profiles, extrapolation, regression, artificial neural networks and methods from the SARIMAX family.

Intraday Trading Assistant (ITA)

For short-term energy trading you need an overview over the current situation in the market and open positions as well as a tool to send bids to the exchange in a second. ITA is an instrument that will adapt to your needs and shows you the opportunities and risks of trading, smoothing the way to successful intraday trading.

ITA mobile

If you want to follow the intraday market at any time and anywhere, ProCom has the solution for you. With ITA Mobile you can see prices, trends and order books on your smart phone or tablet at a glance: simply put the energy market in your pocket!

Market Information Services

Market information services reflect an understanding of the market packaged in mathematical processes and algorithms which we develop from analyses, studies and projects. This gives you access to the very latest market information, e.g. price forecasts or HPFC.

Energy Data Services

With EDS we can support efficient management of smaller portfolios by carrying out specific planning, marketing, forecasting and optimization tasks and making the results available to the user or customer.

Intraday Market Fundamentals

Know your market – Successful Intraday trading based on fundamental market information. As a supplement to the ITA and ITA mobile trading solutions, ProCom introduces the Intraday Market Fundamentals for the German power market.


Automate your quotation and contract processes based on modern web applications. For this purpose en.View offers you various modules for calculation and planning for the distribution of electricity and gas.

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