Energy Data Services

Quick and independant at energy markets

Quick and independant
at energy markets!

Energy Data Services by ProCom

Managing energy portfolios efficiently requires creating and operating a special IT infra- structure. Companies with smaller portfolios or a smaller number of assets often balk at the investment. With EDS we can also support such companies in planning, marketing, forecasts and optimization. BoFIT and ITA software solutions are configured as separate clients in our data centers and are implemented to run in the relevant workflows on the basis of standardized planning processes, while adhering to the time frames dictated by the market. Our focus is on maximum data security and the reliable operation of cloud solutions.

We look after the operational side and you get a best practice solution for your scenario.

  • Economical: No need to install or operate IT infrastructure
  • Flexible: No long-term contractual commitments to a provider or solution
  • Fast: Short sign-up processes, immediate service provision guaranteed
  • Independent: Support for your future positioning in the market






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