Intraday Market Fundamentals

Clear view of the current market

Gain more profit at the Intraday market

As a supplement to the ITA and ITA mobile trading solutions, ProCom introduces the Intraday Market Fundamentals for the German power market.

  • Get a clear understanding of the current market situation quickly.
  • Evaluate the actual intraday price level with the help of relevant fundamental data.
  • Identify the current market situation faster than others do.
  • Use the advantage of latest information to make the right decisions.

Your contact person

Oliver Ashrafi

Telephone: +49 241 51804 555

All the relevant market data at a glance

Save yourself the troublesome effort of collecting current market data. ProCom gives you all the key market indicators on one screen.

  • Price curves
  • Weather
  • Renewables
  • Power plant failures
  • Grid situation

Your options

Subscribe to the market information service as an independent ITA screen or as a web application.

License model

Our license model starts with a base licence for municipal utilities which are only trading during office hours. Furthermore, we provide several options for 24/7 trading. It is a pleasure for us to discuss all possible license models with you. 

Web subscription

For using our web subscription of the Intraday Market Fundamentals Germany, you will get a user login to our web portal. The info package is presented clearly arranged on one web screen. 

ITA screen

ITA users are able to receive the Intraday Market Fundamentals Germany as a data feed alternatively. The fundamental data will be visualised on a separate screen and in the known look and feel of ITA.

Intraday Market Fundamentals Workshop

Be a first mover in the market. Within the Intraday Market Fundamentals Workshop, we offer the needed expertise to interpret the fundamental market information successful.

The workshop explains the impact of single key indicators and their correlations to the Intraday price.

You will learn to understand the market and to evaluate market situations and changes in prices. Based on this, you will be able to create well-founded trading strategies and make right decisions.

Beyond the theoretical part, you will have a hands-on session. 

Market Information Services

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