ITA mobile: The Intraday Market App.

Fit the intraday power market in your pocket.


Track intraday orderbooks, contracts and price developments on European power exchanges – live, anywhere, at any time.

  • Prices and price trends of all trading contracts on EPEX Spot
  • View of trading activity over time
  • Visualization of orderbooks including market depth
  • Further international power exchanges planned
  • Available for iPhone, iPad and Android

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Handy Contract Information

Get detailed information and trends for every product of the trading period.

  • Visualization of the current price, price trend and price development for all intraday trading contracts – including trading volumes
  • Display of orderbooks, market depth and detailed information on each contract
  • Reminder of gate closure

The Market at a Glance

ITA mobile from ProCom provides you with everything you need for monitoring the various power markets.
  • Complete overview of the trading period for price development and trading volume by market area
  • Simultaneous display of contract details for different market areas
  • Continuous updates for all contract detail views

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered the most common questions about ITA mobile here. Do not hesitate to ask us further questions at

ITA mobile is available for iPhone and iPad in the App Store and for Android in the Play Store. The Android version is supported by advertising, but can be used free of charge in the basic version.

The basic version contains an overview of available contracts, traded volumes, prices and open orders at the intraday market of EPEX SPOT. All data is updated every half hour.

The usage of mobile ITA is explained when you start it for the first time. The instructions can be reopened under “Settings” using “Introduction” at any time.

With ITA mobile you can follow the market trends and events at intraday power exchanges, but actual trading is not possible.

The data of the basic version is updated every 30 minutes. For receiving live data a data stream subscription is necessary. Furthermore an internet connection needs to be available. In case of a market hold at the exchange no data will be transmitted.

The output values are snapshots at every full and half hour. The order books are also snapshots at these times, but additionally contain BidAvg / AskAvg and BidAcc / AskAcc.

For receiving live data you need to subscribe a live data stream per exchange. The subscription can be added under “Settings”. It may be terminated monthly, even after the first month, which is always free of charge. The subscription is currently only available for the iOS version.

In case of connection interruptions there will be a warning message within the app. As soon as connectivity is established again all data will be updated automatically.

This feature is still under development. Like iOS, a monthly subscription will be available here.

Yes, of course. We appreciate your ideas. To do this, please use our contact address

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