Intraday market access

Intraday trading with ITA

With the intraday trading solution ITA from ProCom you can place bid and ask requests directly on the european power exchange and enter in the trades automatically. In addition to the intraday market overview, you are provided with the price data for further use. Energy generators can monitor production, connect portfolio optimization and get suggestions for optimum transactions.

ITA offers producers the opportunity to monitor production, integrate portfolio optimization and thus optimally market flexibility.


The expansion of renewable energy has caused greater uncertainty resulting from inaccurate forecasts and volatile prices. With intraday trading of flexibilities you can take on these challenges and generate additional profits. To do so, you need an overview over the current situation in the market and open positions as well as a tool to send bids to the exchange in seconds.

ITA is an instrument that shows you the opportunities and risks of trading and smooths the way to successful intraday trading. It contains short-term intraday trading processes in one system with a seamless connection to upstream and downstream systems like EPEX SPOT and Nord Pool. You will be able to trade via the exchange interface and register bilateral deals. Coupled with portfolio optimization, it updates trading options and schedule calculations on a permanent basis. You can check the status of your generation units on the different screens and track current activity in the market.

ITA is the ideal extension to BoFiT optimization. The coupling with Portfolio Optimization permanently updates trading options and schedule calculations. Alternatively, ITA can also be coupled with other systems.

Using the various monitors, you can track the status of your generation units as well as current market events.

ITA has been optimized for a parallel trading on the power exchanges EPEX SPOT and Nord Pool. In addition, ITA offers customers without their own exchange access connection to market portals and trading houses.

  •  North Pool
  • RWE ECT (Easy Commodity Trader)
  • ITA B2B

ITA 3.2 New functions
Within the scope of the ITA 3.2 development, new possibilities for the evaluation of market data were created, which can be integrated into AutoTrading strategies.
New strategy templates, which can be used unchanged or individually adapted, help with strategy development.
Further improvements in usability and market connectors complete the release.

With ITA you can now also place your bids in ECT. You are able to automate your ECT trade and integrate it into your processes.

The Easy Commodity Trader (ECT) from RWE enables customers of RWE Supply & Trading GmbH to access internal liquidity and the market setup professionally and securely with 24/7 availability.

For the German, Dutch and Belgian markets, RWE continuously provides prices and liquidity for hourly and quarter-hour products on ECT.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • No stock market access necessary
  • Simple contract structures
  • Low overhead
  • Simple integration of the ITA
  • Automation of trade
  • Coupling with your portfolio optimization

Intraday Market Monitor
The Market Monitor gives you a clear picture of current activity in the intraday market. You can track intraday order books, EPEX SPOT and Nord Pool products and price trends in real time. It gives you a clear overview of all trading products of the day at a glance. Individual products can be viewed in greater detail and compared with others. If you have dealer access, you can generate bids from the market monitor or carry them out immediately as well as track and process your own orders.

Portfolio Manager
The Portfolio Manager displays the relevant information about your generation units. It ensures transparency about the status of production for the individual assets, schedules and positions. You can set and process availabilities or generation constraints so that they can be used for other processes. The Portfolio Manager provides a link to rolling optimization and displays the results when generating schedules with continuous updates.

Trading Assistant
The Trading Assistant acts as an interface to the electricity exchange EPEX SPOT and Nord Pool. When required, it supports you with trading proposals and creates bids. Different positions can be displayed and updated automatically. Exchange bids and OTC deals can be generated, sent and managed in the trading log book. Bids and deals can be filtered as needed and aggregated in time series, making them available for further calculations.

Individual screens
The foundation on which your intraday decisions are based is often complex and individual. With ITA you are able to display determining factors as a diagram or in tabular form and data are displayed according to your instructions.

Optimize your intraday trading with the AutoTrading function of ITA. Automated preparation of defined bids according to predefined strategies guarantees less work for traders and provides a high level of responsiveness in the short-term electricity business. ITA AutoTrading lets you combine various pricing strategies and execution conditions chronologically. In doing so, quantities and items can be divided into different strategies and restricted individually. Quantity-weighted prices based on product market depth are determined automatically and may be used in execution strategies. Market players without their own access to stock exchanges can create orders using ITA AutoTrading, which are assigned to a trading service provider.

ITA Trading House: For trading companies

With ITA B2B you can combine all short-term commercial transactions in one system. In addition to the exchange interface, the B2B interface offers secure and swift communication with your clients for transmitting orders and transactions. In the ITA Trading House you can see which clients are registered on the B2B interface and differentiate between client orders and exchange activities. The order routing function allows client orders to be placed on the stock exchange as offers and report back completed transactions via the client interface.

ITA Customer: For clients without market access

ITA B2B provides secure and swift communication with your trading service provider. Orders, which you place using ITA, are transmitted via the B2B interface and automatically end up with the service provider. In return, you receive information on completed and expired orders in real time and have complete transparency for your trading events. With ITA B2B, you will gain automated market access without being a member of the stock exchange.

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ITA mobile: The Intraday Market App

Fit the intraday power market in your pocket!

Track intraday orderbooks, contracts and price developments on European power exchanges – live, anywhere, at any time.
Get detailed information and trends for every product of the trading period.