Market­ Information­ Services

Daily energy data and prognosis

ProCom Market­ Information­ Services

The ProCom’s Market Information Services (MIS) offer to support you securely and efficiently with our experts’ know-how based on more than 40 years of experience in product development and monitoring of the energy market. We provide our clients with daily energy data and prognosis.
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Spot-Price Forecast

The “Must Have” for secure and efficient use of power plants in the Day-Ahead- and Control power market

15-Min Price Forecast

Powerful price performance ratio for the forecast period of 4 days in the EPEX SPOT 15 Minutes-opening-auction

Intraday Market Fundamentals

The latest fundamental market data for the intraday-trade in 

Hourly Price Forward Curve

An algorithm generating new prices with great accuracy based on previous data


Broad and transparent evaluation of the power position in context of risk management

Price Forecast

Know at all times whether the latest input data is being incorporated into your intraday forecast



Precise market data for  continuous intraday trade of the previous trading day

Daily Price Forward Curve

Daily Price Forward Curve (DPFC) NetConnect Germany (NCG): Daily Forward Curves are generated for the gas trading point NCG


Power load forecast in Germany for today and the next 6 days with the use of KNN algorithm 

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