Hourly Price Forward Curve (HPFC)

A typical course of the past is generated through historic spot and future prices. The calculation underlies the phelix futures of the German market. Based on future prices it generates an hourly HPFC free of any arbitrages.

Type of Delivery: FTP / E-Mail

Time of Delivery: 10 p.m. of the previous day


  • The method of HPFC is robust, transparent, repeatable and reliable
  • High comparability and consistency of evaluation
  • Intelligent algorithms that generate new prices based on typical past courses
  • Support of continuous evaluation of market chances
  • The accurate HPFC is calibrated daily and consists of a ProCom quality check
  • Important screening of renewable energies and seasonal spot prices


Supplier/Public utility with 24/7

Supplier/Public utility without 24/7



  • HPFC is calibrated on different historic periods. With HPFC the effects of a rising supply of solar energy can be better considered.

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