Platform for services

Who or what is Thedora?

Thedora is an easy to use platform for services with focus on:

  • Short-term trading of electricity, gas, heat and CO2
  • dispatch planning for energy assets
  • various international energy markets
  • clean and sustainable energy supply

Based on scalable infrastructure and platform architecture, Thedora directly creates numerous benefits for users:

  • significant reduction of IT costs in the area of acquisition and operation
  • Increase of process and data security
  • comprehensive automation saving a lot of time
  • fast decision taking in complex situations creating higher profits
  • shorter time-to-market leading to earlier realisation of savings and revenue potential

Your contact person

Burkhard Steinhausen

Telephone: +49 241 51804 555

These services are already available

The value proposition of all ProCom products on Thedora is gradually being made available and expanded.


Preview: Browser-based creation and maintenance of optimization models.


Connection Service ECT Market Portal

Preisprognose Intraday VWAP

On Demand Optimization

Instant Machine Learning Forecasting (TIM)

Intraday Trading Order Entry

Market Information Services

BoFiT Forecast

ITA mobile