Stadtwerke Lübeck optimizes heat and electricity generation with BoFiT from ProCom


Thanks to redesigned plant deployment planning based on the BoFiT solution from ProCom and two dedicated employees for the project, the municipal utility company Stadtwerke Lübeck is now able to manage their plant portfolio even more efficiently. The goal is to meet the demand of eight Lübeck district heating networks while at the same time making optimal use of the capacity and flexibility of the distributed combined heat and power (CHP) plants and boilers (in total 24 MWel and 164 MWth). Installation of storage units in the individual district heating networks allows heat generation to be partially time-offset from demand, opening up new options in the market. For optimization, BoFiT calculates district heating load forecasts with several forecast models and generates operating schedules for the generation facilities. The operating schedules are automatically fed into the control system as target values and are taken into account in control of the CHP plants.

The two employees of Stadtwerke Lübeck acquired expertise on modeling the plant portfolio, delivery obligations and the legal framework in ProCom training courses and workshops. Armed with this knowledge, they have made project-specific adjustments to BoFiT and reorganized and optimized internal processes, thereby creating the basis for efficient exploitation.