ProCom at the Utility Week in Shanghai


Shanghai, China April 19th, 2018 – ProCom GmbH, the global optimization & trading consultancy house, has taken part in the Global Utility Week series which touched down in Shanghai for the China Utility Week.

The China Utility Week (CUW) 2018 is the premier platform for utility stakeholders in China and beyond, focusing on regional and global developments in utilities, energy technologies & trends. The 2 day conference & exhibition brought together the entire value chain within energy markets with representation from generation all the way down into the `smart home`. ProCom GmbH has recently entered the Chinese market after extensive roll outs of its optimization & trading know how & technologies in the EMEA markets, with its eyes now set on Asia. The Chinese market in particular, representing the world biggest power market (some 2000 GW installed capacity) and currently going through liberalization. In the Summit Session, the Senior Consultant of CEEO and chairman of the German Blockchain-Initiative Energy (BCI-E) Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Richard Plum gave a meaningful speech on the European power markets, blockchain and what’s ahead in the future for global power trading markets, with a focus on implications for China.